Minishift Installation on Windows

I just want to share my experience about to install Minisihft in my Laptop – Windows 10

Prerequisites: virtualbox, chocolatey

$ choco install -y minishift

$ minishift

Also I installed OpenShift command-line tool

$ choco install -y install openshift install

$ minishift version

$ minishift start (virtualization needs to be set)

$ minishift config set vm-driver virtualbox

$ minishift start (we should ne able to run without porblem )

We can login using default admin credentials or necessary role can be assigned to user.

$ oc adm policy –as system:admin add-cluster-role-to-user cluster-admin developer

First of all I would like to check default projects after installation completed.

$ oc get projects

Default namespaces

$ oc get namespaces

$ oc projects

$ oc new project devopsmania

Create new project as devopsmania and switched to new project using this command

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