Azure Container Registry

Prerequisites: Azure Account , Azure CLI

  • Introduction to ACR(Azure Container Registry)
  • Create ACR using Azure CLI
  • Tagging and pushing image into ACR

You can store your container images using as private registry service. (AWS -ECR)

First we need login using CLI command , after run there will be a JSON output with your subscriptions.

> az login

And now we need to create a separate resource group

> az group create -n devopsmania -l westeurope

New resource group show up in Azure Portal

> az acr create --resource-group devopsmania --name myContainerDevopsmania --sku Basic --admin-enabled true

We created our ACR repository with the address “”

You can use your credentials for login to ACR repository

You can also azure cli to learn your credentials .

> az acr credential show -n myContainerDevopsmania

After login you should see below message

docker login


  • Images not accessible to public
  • Access can be restricted
  • Automatically apply security updates