Minikube – Kubernetes Cluster

I ll show you to how to run Kubernetes as single node cluster on a laptop

Prerequisite: VT-x/AMD-v virtualization must be enabled in BIOS

Starting up the local Kubernetes cluster:

We have options to choose between several virtualization drivers

  • virtualbox
  • vmwarefusion
  • xhyve
  • hyperv
  • kvm

Example Commands:

$ minikube start –vm-driver=’virtualbox’

List minikube addons :

$ minikube addons list

Enable Hipster Plugin:

$ minikube addons enable heapster

Enable minikube dashboard:

$ minikube dashboard

Dashboard will be show up on your default browser.

Check service statuses:

$ minikube status

Minikube service list:

$ minikube service list

Enable the ingress plugin:

$ minikube addons enable ingress

List running pods :

$ kubectl get pods -n kube-system

Architecture of Minikube

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