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When to use volume in Docker?

Currently, there are 3 options(Volume, Bind Mount, Tmpfs) that exist to manage storage concerns in Docker. The volume is the most compelling and suggested one to use. So when to use volume in Docker?

  • if you want to decouple data from the container life cycle
  • if you want to manage data/volume with docker native commands (docker volume create/ls/inspect ..)
  • if you want to port volume create in Linux to Windows or vice versa
  • if you want to use 3rd party shiny storage options like cloud storage or local container storage options
  • if you want to share a volume safely across different containers/services

Burak Cansizoglu
Burak is working as a freelance Cloud/DevOps consultant. He performed different roles during his professional career track. He has more than 12 years of experience in the finance, telecommunication and government sectors. He likes to learn new technologies and wants to share his knowledge, experiences with the community. He likes all lean, agile initiatives. And he believes that the DevOps mindset and DevOps transformation will bring more agility to the Enterprises as well as employees.

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